TikTok has over a billion users. Many of them are consumers of content. This does not imply there is any dearth of creators. Millions of people create videos, many of whom do so every day, and share them on the app. The vast majority of videos do not get many views. This is primarily owing to the quantum of content. Not all users spend a lot of time every day on the app to look for new content. They watch videos that are shared widely. Most users follow a few creators to stay updated about their new videos. Only viral videos reach millions of people. Then again, not all viral videos have that kind of outreach.

New profiles should try to get more tiktok followers for their content to reach a sufficient number of people. The target audience should be identified and there should be well-planned tactics at play to generate a large following. It is obvious for a user to wonder about how do new accounts get followers on TikTok. There is no easy answer but you can rely on tested and proven ways to amass a sizeable following.  

How do you get people to notice you on Tik Tok?

The first step is to let people know that you have a profile on TikTok. There are several ways to do this. Tell your family and friends. Let them spread the word. If you have a website, blog or any kind of public profile that you want to link your TikTok account with, then use those platforms as well. Use social media and networks to spread the word. Use TikTok, the app itself, to reach out to your target audience. Start by following people. This will let them know that you have an account and some of them will check out your videos. Follow influencers, not only to learn from them and watch their contents but also to try and establish a connection. If an influencer starts to follow you, then you have a much greater chance of expanding your exposure.

Spreading the word and nudging people to follow you is an effective way to get users to notice you on TikTok. However, that alone will be insufficient to get your profile the kind of popularity you may desire. Popularity is not easy to attain. It is not easy to retain. Very few can sustain their growing popularity in due course of time. When millions of people are empowered to create content and so many minds are at work, it is difficult to keep churning out videos that can take the world by storm. It is tough to attain modest popularity but the process can get easier if you have the right approach.  

Nothing gets people to notice a new account like amazing content. If you can have a video go viral, then you may not have to worry about spreading the word, following many people and trying hard to get the target audience to notice you. A viral video will not get you as many followers as the views. It does not work like that but you will get a great start. Many accounts have attained overnight popularity because one or more videos created by them have gone viral. Deciphering what makes a video go viral is a daunting challenge. As a content creator, give it your best shot and come up with something that is truly original. The video should appeal to a large audience and must satiate them in some way. The theme or genre can be chosen on the basis of your forte.