Every creator wants their content to be liked by the target audience. Most creators also want to reach out to a larger audience with each piece of content. TikTok content creators have the same objectives. The massive base of over a billion users makes TikTok one of the most popular apps in the world. It may sound unrealistic for any user to expect a billion followers but there are videos on YouTube that have billions of views. There are stars on other social networks and social media platforms with more than a hundred million followers. It is possible for a user to get millions of views and potentially tens of thousands of TikTok likes.

How to Get Free Likes on TikTok

All content creators must know two truths about themselves and their audiences. First, they should identify the type of content they excel in. Second, they should know what their target audience wants. If these two quests are fulfilled, then views or likes or followers should not be a major challenge. The problem lies in identifying the correct answers to these two questions. Many TikTok users and especially those who are new to the platform tend to experiment with their videos. This is acceptable as everyone needs to toy with different ideas before finding their chutzpah. However, not being able to figure out the right recipe will only pave the way for mediocrity and a modest following.

The second quest is equally important. The audience is spoiled for choices. There is so much content and across genres, styles, settings, and cultures that the audience does not have to worry about what they want to watch and enjoy. They can watch a video, like it, share it and follow a profile one day. They may stop following a profile and liking their videos the very next day. The audience wants content they can relate to. The connection is the most important factor here. There aren’t many like Ronaldo, Grande, Gomez, The Rock, Kardashians, Jenners, Beyonce, and Swift. These celebrities have established a bond with their fans over the years. TikTok users do not have that kind of history with their following. Hence, their content has to do the trick.

One of the easiest answers to how to get more likes is to use pop culture. Celebrities and influencers use their connection with the fans, so images or videos that may not appeal to everyone tend to go viral due to the following. This is the same kind of connection that users need to get more likes on TikTok. The content has to resonate with the following and those who watch the videos. People want to have fun while watching videos on TikTok, but they should also be able to relate somehow and feel connected with the content creator.

People like something online or in an app when they appreciate it. This appreciation can stem from different experiences. Funny content tends to get the most likes but so can videos that shed light on something that has not happened before. Originality, quality of the content including production value, the intent of the user and how one engages with the audience shall influence likes. Views do not guarantee likes. The following does not assure likes either. A piece of content is a standalone product. It will get likes if people love it. Many people appreciate different types of contents but do not bother to tap on the like option. The audience must be moved to a sufficient extent, so they make the effort to like a video.