All content creators must invest in TikTok promotion. Many choose to promote their videos and profiles by themselves, without seeking any help from marketing firms. Some creators rely on the expertise of marketing professionals to gain an edge. It should be noted that TikTok promotion and marketing are not the same thing. Marketing is a sustained campaign for a profile in its entirety and for all the videos. Promotion is limited to a video or content at a time. It can also be for the profile but then the focus is not on any particular video. Promotion is a part of marketing but the latter has many other facets. TikTok promotion is a timely and time bound exercise. Marketing is a perpetual exercise.

Define the Goals of TikTok Promotion

Many creators looking for more viewers, likes and followers go about planning their promotion without defining the goals. You must have measurable objectives. An objective may be to acquire a hundred thousand views or a thousand likes or a hundred followers. The goal can be a combo of all these three measurable objectives. The endgame should be understood to determine the nature and scope of promotion for TikTok. Only then can a campaign be appropriately conceived and executed. If objectives are not measurable, then the entire investment of time, effort and money can be futile.

TikTok Promotion should be Concise

One promotional campaign cannot achieve all goals. The purpose should be simple, measurable and immediate. It is for marketing to accomplish the medium to long term goals. Promotion is for short term gains. Let us consider an example. You have a new video that you want viewers and likes for. Use this video for your promotion and nothing else. You may want to promote your profile. You must do so using some contents and other means but the messaging should be focused on gaining followers, not views for those videos. Securing more followers will have a natural impact on viewership and likes.  

A promotion for TikTok profiles or videos should be concise, limited and targeted in scope, time bound and impactful. Trying to kill two or more birds with one stone is simply not possible in this day and age, especially on platforms like TikTok that already has millions of content creators. Whether or not your content is superior to the run off the mill videos does not matter immediately as people will come across all types of users and their creations. A genuinely good video may get lost in the din.

How to Make a TikTok Promotion Effective

Sharing videos, paying for sponsored posts or features, buying views and likes are viable ways to promote content on TikTok. The same can be done for a profile too. Followers can be purchased, a link to the profile can be shared as widely as one can reach and the creator can get featured as well. However, there is much more to a promotion than these tactics. Any promotion for TikTok has to be effective and one needs a comprehensive strategy for that.

Content creators must understand the analytics of trending videos and hashtags. One must understand the general behavior of users. It is also necessary to reach out to influencers, not just the target audience. The purpose of any promotion on or for TikTok is to grab attention, generate viewers and secure likes. These should lead to more followers or fans. Influencers can be targeted so they share the content. This alone can turn the table in your favor. Targeting influencers may seem easy but it is not. They are targeted by many users and most influencers do not respond. This is why creators must use resources such as

Tikster provides insightful analytics, data pertaining to trends and metrics of performance. There are measurable and comparable data available for content creators to gain a lucid understanding of what is happening, when, how and why. Tikster also empowers creators to identify influencers. TikTok has over a billion users. Well known celebrities are not the only influencers. There are many TikTok profiles that have the ability to influence thousands of fellow users. Tikster can lead you to these influencers and you can plan an effective promotion.