Tik Tok has become the most downloaded and used app. It has broken all records of popularity and is being used by billions for their entertainment. The content here on Tiktok is very dynamic and is changing constantly. It is required that you are updated on the recent content that is getting uploaded on the platform. Become an overnight sensation with these cool trends. Thus, to stay updated to what is Trending on TikTok, just stay tuned:

  1. Meme culture- memes are there on social media platforms. The memes that are on the other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or even Instagram all start from TikTok. Meme formatted videos and text-based relatable humor is gaining popularity on the platform and will be the new TikTok trend. Memes require these features to get popular:
  2. The Audience can resonate with the content
  3. The content has an element of humor
  4. The content is easily accessible, and others can join in.

Try not to be very cool while making a meme follow the above-stated elements, and you are good to go with your interesting meme.

  • Viral comedy challenges– content that is relatable and organic has been immensely loved. However, the trends that go viral instantly and are followed by millions are viral comedy challenge. The response of Gen Z to comedy with music on the platform is overwhelming. The comedy videos are prank videos, sketches on the platforms, or doing any funny act with background music is going to be in trend. Therefore it can be said that short videos with a multitude of dimensions of TikTok along with a song will be ruling the charts for the year 2020. These videos will raise their popularity to yet another level. The options are limitless and then one single piece of music can be used in multiple ways. There was a song challenge for the iZiiK’s song release “perdoname,” and it became a sensation. The song was simple, but it gained popularity owing to the challenge.  
  • Self-care- Gen Z is highly interested in self-care and pays attention to it in a very significant manner. These days if any information that is available with just a click tends to get very popular. Similarly, if the same information is available in a very interesting and updated way from this platform it is bound to reach a wide audience. Even the viewers and followers can put up any of their queries regarding self-care and the influencer or brand can answer the query. Thus it will work double the way both the influencer or brand and the follower will benefit, and thus these videos will gain immense popularity.
  • Mental health awareness- TikTok trends 2020 will deal with issues of mental health. The common concept that only comedy videos or content with humor elements are available there will be broken in this year. Many videos or short stories will be seen on the topics of mental health awareness. Also, it is easy to talk about your emotions and feelings on this social media platform and thus the videos will gain immense popularity. We all can resonate with this topic and thus it will gain immense popularity.
  • Influencer collaboration- collaborating with influencers will become the most accepted trend for 2020. Using influencers to market your product will gain popularity. It will become a common marketing practice for the year 2020. The influencers are having a massive fan following on the platform as well as millions of views. The followers maintain loyalty and respect the opinions and recommendations of the influencers. If the influencer is seen performing on a soundtrack, the track becomes highly popular without many efforts. In the same way, if the influencer is seen using a product the sale for the product increases manifolds after the promotional video from the influencer.
  • Duets- Duet was a very popular choice for a very long time. After its inception, duets were primarily the reason for TikTok to gain popularity. Even for the year 2020, duets will continue to be popular. It is a facility that will allow the users to create a custom video and play it in a split-screen format along with another video of their liking. There are many videos of duets done as a challenge by the users and the same pattern will be seen this year also. Duets with influencers, celebrities, or friends will gain immense popularity. 
  • Slow-motion- slow-motion videos can never cease to appeal, and in the year 2020, their charm will get you new followers. There is a feature in the mobile where the users can implement it in their video with just a click of a button. It is one of the key themes of Tiktok and has a strong visual appeal. All videos can be done with a slow-motion effect. 
  • Cosplay- cosplay has been in trend and will continue to be trending in 2020. It is a way to find pictures of people’s elaborate recreation of their favorite character at gaming influencer conventions or movies. This will be trending as short, crisp videos will be there on display. With Gen Z audience the ground for cosplaying will get to be more creative. From Lora Croft to Joker, people are using trending costumes from around the world to showcase their talent.
  • Twin- opposite of sibling rivalry that can be seen on TikTok. It will be the trending hashtags #twins. TikTok will showcase twins performing together with some kind of dance, comedy, slow-mo, or any other video. It will be a great way to bond with your twin and share your fun filled moments with a greater audience.     

Importantly, upload the content to which the users, especially Gen Z, can resonate and connect. Any content that will be high on entertainment quotient will surely become viral.